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Tourism Around Europe
jlag newsletter issue n. 7 - march 2013 Monday 25 March 2013
A conversation with...
Tourism Observatory
Funding opportunities
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The European Tourism Agenda

Welcome to the first 2013 issue of Tourism Around Europe.

International tourism continues with good perspectives in 2013, either in global or in European contexts, despite global economic uncertainty. This should be an encouragement to the tourism industry in order to strength all segments of this vital economic sector. In this sense, it is crucial to increase the competitiveness, and the EU is working on improving the quality and the sustainability of the tourism in order to maintain the leadership as the destination number 1 for international arrivals. Recently the European Commission has launched the European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) to promote an internationally competitive industry and to enhance the sustainability of destinations across Europe. There are other European institutions that are also working towards the same goal. The First European Sustainable Tourism Observatory has been opened in Greece by the University of the Aegean under the auspices of UNWTO.

We are very pleased to have interviewed for our "A conversation with" section other woman who plays a relevant role in the development of actions within EU strategy in cultural tourism. We have talked with Ms. Christiane Dabdoub Nasser, team leader of the European Programme Euromed Heritage 4. The programme, embedded in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), has finished in 2012 and it is a right time to get an overview of the results and achievements. We review with Ms. Dabdoub the main impacts and contributions that Euromed Heritage has achieved in the Med countries.

The European Commission is funding different projects in order to promote and disseminate a sustainable tourism around Europe as well as reinforce the collaboration among partners from different European countries. We bring to this issue some good examples. You can find also the opportunity to obtain educational materials, participate in different networks and/or training to work towards sustainable tourism such as PM4ESD™.

We wish you a very fruitful spring time.

Silvia Barbone
Jlag Managing Director

The next “Tourism Around Europe” newsletter will be issued in July 2013

« Tourism Around Europe » is a quarterly newsletter for competitive tourism in Europe. Our aim is to disseminate European tourism policies and practices. We wish to encourage the exchange of knowledge regarding European tourism themes, actions and challenges. Each issue includes a conversation with influential leaders and thinkers within the sector.

A conversation with...

Jlag had the pleasure to interview Ms. Christiane Dabdoub Nasser, team leader of Euromed Heritage (EH) 4 programme (2008-2012). EH 4 represents a further milestone in the process of recognizing 'culture' as a catalyst for mutual understanding between the people of the Mediterranean region. EH is closing and it is a good opportunity to make a first view about how the programme has contributed to boost cultural and heritage tourism in Med Countries. Also Ms. Dabdoub Nasser discusses about the impacts of the programme in spite of the complicated time for some Mediterranean countries during the Arab spring. Finally, she is asked about the possibility of a fifth EH programme.

full interview

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Tourism Observatory

Launched the European Tourism Indicator System for Sustainable Management of Destinations

 The European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) is a key element of the work of the European Commission to promote an internationally competitive industry and to enhance the sustainability of destinations across Europe.  The aim of this initiative is to provide Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) across Europe with a tested, improved and easy to use toolkit and system of indicators with which they can assess, monitor and manage the sustainability of their tourism destinations. The toolkit includes 27 core indicators plus 40 optional indicators, and it is conceived as a compatible System with previous ones. The ETIS has been designed as a system and not as a simple list of indicators. The EC expects that Destination Management Organizations starts using ETIS since now and provide lessons learned from their experience.

 The ETIS has been funded by EU DG Enterprise & Industry and developed by the University of Surrey, Sustainable Travel International and The Intansave Partnership.

 To access to the toolkit indicator system and supporting materials click here.

International tourism to continue robust growth in 2013

 According to the UNWTO barometer, the world tourism growth is expected to continue in 2013 only slightly below the 2012 level and in line with UNWTO long term forecast. In 2012, emerging economies (+4.1%) regained the lead over advanced economies (+3.6%), with Asia and the Pacific showing the strongest results (+7%). By region, prospects for 2013 are still stronger for Asia and the Pacific (+5% to +6%), followed by Africa (+4% to +6%), the Americas (+3% to +4%), Europe (+2% to +3%) and the Middle East (0% to +5%). UNWTO forecasts international tourist arrivals to increase by 3% to 4% in 2013, much in line with its long term forecast for 2030: +3.8% a year on average between 2010 and 2020. This outlook is confirmed by the UNWTO Confidence Index. Compiled among over 300 experts worldwide, the Index shows that prospects for 2013 are similar to the evaluation of last year (124 points for 2013 against 122 for 2012).

Good perspectives for Tourism in Europe in 2013

 There are different forecasts which point out good perspectives for Tourism in Europe this year. UNWTO barometer expects to increase the tourism in Europe (+2% to +3%), and it will be still in the top of the ranking of inbound tourism among the tourist regions in the world. This positive perspective is also expected by ABTA, the UK’s leading travel association. ABTA has published in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office the Travel Trends Report for 2013. Early booking figures for summer 2013 suggest that European destinations such as France, Greece, Italy and Spain will continue to prove popular next year.

First European Sustainable Tourism Observatory under UNWTO auspices opens in Greece

 Established by the University of the Aegean in collaboration with UNWTO and with the support of the Ministry of Tourism of Greece, the Centre will monitor and implement sustainable tourism practices in close cooperation with the tourism public and private sector in the area of the Aegean Islands, the main archipelago of Greece. This first Sustainable Tourism Observatory in Europe under the auspices of UNWTO will monitor the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism in the archipelago and serve as a model to expand the concept to a national level.

UNWTO launched the concept of the Global Observatory of Sustainable Tourism (GOST) based on its own methodology for sustainable tourism indicators in order to strengthen institutional capacities for information management and monitoring in support of decision and policy making.

The Observatory of the Aegean Islands joins the five existing sustainable tourism observatories established in China under the auspices of UNWTO.

For further information on UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Indicators click here

For further information on UNWTO Global Tourism Observatories click here


Sustainable transport in Tourism

 There is a great need to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of local transport systems in touristic regions in order to cope with the growing problems and most importantly to put emphasis on the use of alternative sustainable transport modes and/or mobility measures.

‘Greening’ seasonal traffic is not simply a task of the authorities: the main players of the transport sector, environmental organisations and the economic/touristic sector should join forces with local/regional authorities to ensure sustainable seasonal traffic. Sustainable transport is after all a market opportunity for the touristic sector, since consumers are becoming more and more conscious of the need for sustainability.

For this reason the STARTER project (IEE funded) has implemented Local Travel Plan Networks (LTPNs) and is in the process of implementing innovative mobility measures in 5 regions suffering from a steep seasonality of transport demand: Noordwijk (The Netherlands), Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain), Kos (Greece), Werfenweng (Austria) and the Balaton region (Hungary). The travel plans of these sites and an inventory of best practices will be available by the end of March 2013 on the project website. The first results concerning the effect of the measures on the local transport systems will be made available in the fall of 2013.

 For more information, email to: H. Zuiver at

Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Tourism (WERT) project

 Many studies remark on the importance of women in the development of the tourism sector in rural areas in Europe.  The Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Tourism (WERT) project has aimed to meet the needs and build the skills of women entrepreneurs involved in rural tourism and crafts as well as to improve the quality of training provided by the vocational education sector. The project was designed as a collaborative partnership between eight training institutions and networks from six countries across Europe: Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Spain and United Kingdom. The training course was piloted with target groups in partner countries and evaluated. The target groups were women entrepreneurs involved in rural tourism, crafts and food production and women who wish to enter the sector in order to become economically active and independent.

 The project life span is over (October 2010 – September 2012), but its impact continues.  A group of women entrepreneurs from Finland who participated in the pilot visited UK women entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and help each other to develop their businesses.

 The WERT project has been supported by the European Union through the Leonardo da Vinci programme.


Training classes in Project Management and Sustainable Tourism

 After launching on 14th November 2012 the Project Management for European Sustainable Tourism (“PM4ESD™”), currently it is being fully implementing across Europe. This project provides a new management methodology for the tourism sector.  PM4ESD™ is based on PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments), a structured method for effective project management. PM4ESD™ is certified by APMG International. The qualification is aimed at project managers and aspiring project managers in the tourism industry. It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of tourism projects, including: Project Board members, Team Managers, Project Assurance, Project Support and operational line managers/staff.

 The first training course took place successfully with fifteen delegates in Évora (Portugal) on 25-27 February. Next training courses will take place in Naples (Italy) 3-5 April, Barcelona (Spain) 8-10 April, Brussels (Belgium) 22-24 April and Leeds (UK) 10-12 June.

 This initiative is funded by the European Union Life Long learning Programme through the project Training for European Sustainable Tourism (T4EST) managed by the project consortium partners: Frigento Municipality, JLAG, Leeds Metropolitan University and NECSTouR.

 For further information you can click the informative note. The training program can be also click here.

 For more information, email to:

ECOLNET: an initiative to create a strong Ecotourism in Europe

 The ECOLNET project  (Sep. 2010 – Sep. 2013) aims to create a European Ecotourism Network (EEN) to bring together a variety of stakeholders and develop innovative evaluation tools and learning products for sharing knowledge among the network and facilitating quality certification through the European Ecotourism Labelling Standard (EETLS). The basic part of EETLS was developed by a previous Leonardo da Vinci project in compliance with the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and refined/finalised by ECOLNET. 

 The action is guided by  five main objectives: 1) create a network based on a “community of interest”, 2) create an integrated methodology for evaluating quality standards of ecotourism services, 3) introduce a set of practical, cost-effective online evaluation tools for assessing compliance with the  EETLS quality standards as well as create online learning tools to train the main stakeholders to use them, 4) create career opportunities for tourism professionals and employment prospects for SME staff in the ecotourism and sustainable tourism fields and 5) enrich the curricula of higher education and vocational training institutions in tourism.

 ECOLNET has 12 partners from 9 European countries that are also founding members of EEN.

Website: ECOLNET

 For more information, email to Mrs Fouli Papageorgiou:

Funding opportunities

The Intelligent Energy – Europe programme (IEE)
Publication: 13/12/2012
Deadline: 08/05/2013

LIFE+ 2013 call for proposals
The Financial Instrument for the Environment
Publication: 14/02/2013
Deadline: 25/06/2013

Call for proposals with a view to obtaining grants in the field of maritime transport
Publication: 14/02/2013
Deadline: Extended to 29/04/2013

Life Long Learning Programme - 2013 call for proposals published
Deadline: 15/10/2013

Europe for Citizen Programme (Measure 1.1 Town Twinning citizens meetings, Measure 2.1: Citizens' projects and Measure 2.2: Support measures)
Deadline: 01/06/2013

Europe for Citizen Programme (Measure 1.1 Town Twinning citizens meetings and Measure 1.2 Thematic Networking of Twinned Towns)
Deadline: 01/09/2013

Supporting the enhancement and promotion of transnational thematic tourism products
Deadline: The call will be published in spring 2013


European Best Destination
Organised European Consumers Choice
Deadline : 22/03/2013

World Travel Awards™
Organised by WTA™
Deadline : It depends on the geographical region

2013 Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA)
Organised by European Cultural Foundation
Deadline: 31/05/2013

World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013
Organised by
Deadline: Opening in April

RegioStars 2014
Organised by European Commission
Deadline: 19/04/2013

Coach Tourism Awards 2013
Organised by several partners
Deadline : Finalist’s announcement 8/04/2013




On our bookshelf

Tourism in the Green Economy – Background Report

As it is expressed in the UNWTO website; "Tourism in the Green Economy – Background Report “, published in December 2012, "is an extended version of the Tourism Chapter of the Green Economy Report (GER), which makes the case for investments in greener and sustainable tourism as a means to create jobs and reduce poverty while also improving environmental outcomes. The Report analyzes the main variables that influence tourism development and aims to demonstrate that concerted greener policies can steer the growth of the sector toward a more sustainable path. Compared with a business-as-usual scenario, it shows how a green investment scenario would allow the sector to continue to expand steadily over the coming decades while ensuring significant environmental benefits such as reductions in water consumption, energy use and CO2 emissions. The Report aims at encouraging policy makers to support increased investment in greening the tourism sector”.

The report was published by World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

You can download the report (en English) for free here

The European Tourism Agenda

25 – 27 March 2013, The Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism (GPST) : 3rd Partners’ Symposium and Annual Conference of Partners, Bonn (Germany)
Organized by GPST – go to the web

26 – 27 March 2013, 55th Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Europe and Seminar on Tourism on World Heritage Sites: Challenges and Opportunities, Çeşme – Izmir - (Turkey)
Organized by UNWTO – go to the web

29 – 31 March 2013, The International Forum for Responsible Tourism, Bucharest (Romania)
Organized by Amphitheatre Foundation – go to the web

16 – 19 April 2013, CIT 2013- International Conference on INNOVATION IN TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY,Valencia & Benidorm (Spain)
Organized by Florida Universitária – go to the web

17 – 19 April 2013, TTRA Europe 2013 Conference, Dublin (Ireland)
Organized by Travel and Tourism Association – go to the web

26 – 27 April 2013, 2013 CMTR European Medical Tourism Research Symposium, Heidelberg (Germany)
Organized by Centre for Medical Tourism Research (CMTR) – go to the web

4 May 2013, Third International Conference Management of Health Tourism – MHT, Milan (Italy)
Organized by PERUN-SPRINT Ltd. – go to the web

15 –17 May 2013, Crossroads of Europe : Toulouse 2013 - Cultural Routes between local development and European identity, Toulouse (France)
Organized by European Commission – go to the web

 5 – 8 June 2013, ICOT2013 (International Conference on Tourism), Limassol (Cyprus)
Organized by Cyprus University of Technology & International Association for Tourism Policy – go to the web

6 - 8 June 2013, EUROAL 2013, Torremolinos (Spain)
Organized by Torremolinos Council, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions of the Costa del Sol & UNWTO – go to the web

18 - 20 June 2013, Seminar on Tourism Destination Branding, Stockholm (Sweden)
Organized by European Tourism Commission, Visit Sweden & UNWTO – go to the web

8 - 12 July 2013, Leadership and Management in Sustainable Tourism Summer School, Naples (Italy)
Organized by  European partnership – go to the web

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