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Tourism Around Europe
jlag newsletter issue n. 10 - DECEMBER 2013 Friday 20 December 2013
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Tourism Observatory
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The European Tourism Agenda

Welcome to the 10th issue of « Tourism Around Europe » - a quarterly newsletter for competitive tourism in Europe. In the occasion of the European Union Elections 2014 and the change of both European Commissioners and European Members of the Parliament, Jlag has the pleasure to interview Mr. Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry and Vice-President of the European Commission. We review with Mr Tajani the main achievements and the main challenges for the future regarding EU sustainable tourism strategies and actions.

The UNWTO latest analysis regarding International tourism in Europe reveals that Europe grew by +5% in the first 8 months of 2013, with an estimated 20 million more arrivals in the region. Central and Eastern Europe (+7%) and Southern Mediterranean Europe (+6%) performed particularly well. With such phenomenal growth there are also many job opportunities available in this sector, including destination manager and travel consultant.

In this issue we talk also about the Balkan Cinema industry; the economic impact of short visa facilitation; the tourism growth in Serbia; the EU public consultations on the European Tourism of the Future; Sustainable Tourism in Mexico through the Totonal Crowfunding project, 20 cases of good practices, Progress in Responsible Tourism, Sustainable Tourism Governance and Management in Coastal Areas of Africa.

At EU policy level I wish also to mention two important milestones: the European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) has adopted the reports on the six legislative proposals forming the "Fourth Railway Package”; the European Parliament has just voted to support the Commission’s proposal for a Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management – a cornerstone policy of the EU's Blue Growth agenda.

With the new year, the new Multiannual Framework 2014-2020 is approaching; compared to the Member States, the European Union has a small budget, but with a large impact for Europeans and citizens of third countries. It represents a budget for investment and growth, focusing on Europe 2020 priorities, impacts and results, it is a great opportunity for EU tourism initiatives. Given the cross-cutting nature of tourism, funding opportunities can be found under several programs such as: Cosme, Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Horizon, Interreg, Life. You can find the first open calls in the funding section.

Finally I’m very pleased to announce that FEST has become a member of the UNWTO knowledge network, FEST is launching today the second edition of the European Summer School, “Leadership and Governance for Sustainable Tourism”which will take place in Seinäjoki from the 1st to the 3rd July 2014, hosted by the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences – SeAMK. 

I wormly wish you happy holidays and a prosperous 2014.


Silvia Barbone
Jlag Managing Director

The next “Tourism Around Europe” newsletter will be issued in March 2014

« Tourism Around Europe » is a quarterly newsletter for competitive tourism in Europe. Our aim is to disseminate European tourism policies and practices. We wish to encourage the exchange of knowledge regarding European tourism themes, actions and challenges. Each issue includes a conversation with influential leaders and thinkers within the sector.

A conversation with...

Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry and Vice-President of the European Commission.

In the occasion of the European Union Elections 2014 and the change of both European Commissioners and European Members of the Parliament, Jlag has the pleasure to interview Mr. Antonio Tajani, European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry and Vice-President of the European Commission. Elected in 2010, Mr. Tajani has been serving as the European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, whose aim is to ensure the dynamism, innovation and competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the European panorama and on the global stage, encouraging sustainable growth in a strong social market economy. Here is the official website:

We wish to open the conversation with you on the growing interlinkage between sustainability and the competitiveness of the tourism industry.  What is the active role played by the EU institutions in sustainable tourism and what is their vision on it?

The Commission recognises that the competitiveness of the tourism sector is closely linked to its sustainability. We have been implementing several actions aiming at enhancing a sustainable tourism development and to promote sustainable and responsible practices in tourism destinations.

The Commission has recently focused  its efforts on initiatives which can provide a concrete contribution to growth and job creation, which we believe are crucial to maintain tourism competitive and sustainable in the coming years. We are, for instance, considering ways to facilitate visa requirements for certain countries' incoming visitors, who have a great potential to enhance tourism flows to EU destinations.

We are also developing actions aimed at making tourism accessible to all citizens, including those with disabilities. Furthermore, we are working towards improving the skills of tourism professionals, with the aim of preparing the sector to offer new services and to use resources in the most efficient manner.

It is clear that to be sustainable, tourism must meet the needs of society, and preserve the environment and cultural heritage it depends upon. We believe that we are moving in this direction.

full interview

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Tourism Observatory

International tourism on the rise boosted by strong performance in Europe

Demand for international tourism remained strong throughout the first eight months of 2013, according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. Between January and August, the number of international tourists worldwide grew by 5%, driven by strong results in Europe, Asia and the Pacific and the Middle East.  At the opening of the 2013 European Tourism Forum UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai stated that “International tourism continues to produce above average results in most world regions, offering vital opportunities for employment and local economies”. Europe, for instance, grew by +5% in the first 8 months of 2013, with an estimated 20 million more arrivals in the region. Central and Eastern Europe (+7%) and Southern Mediterranean Europe (+6%) performed particularly well.

Source : UNWTO

Travel and Tourism Development Potential, 2011-2023

Serbian Travel & Tourism continues to grow  and, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, by 2023 the country will provide a 6.8 % total contribution to GDP and 7.7 % total to formal employment. As policy recommendations, the PM4SD methodology was given high relevance in overcoming the challenges that the recently elected government is facing as a strategic tool for ensuring the sustainable development of its tourism industry and for enabling greater accountability and transparency.  Check the full report here

Give your opinion on the tourism policy

The European Commission opened two public consultations to get opinions and to discuss challenges and opportunities of the tourism industry that can help shape the future policy actions at all levels. Both public consultations are open until March 15th 2014 ; to view them, click here

Balkan Cinema industry, an engine for growth

Filmmakers in southeastern Europe can draw on a long cinematic tradition, as well as some traumatic experiences over recent decades – dictatorship and, in some cases, internecine war. The Sarajevo festival for instance,  has built its reputation on the back of the revival in the region’s cinema following a post-communist slump that was not helped by economic hardship and a loss of funding.

The film industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a best practice, has revamped and has been used as a powerful weapon to economic growth and regional development, thanks to strategic policies to promote investment in film production, aimed at both helping local filmakers and at attracting international directors and producers to shoot in the region.

Study on the economic impact of short visa facilitation on the tourism industry

A recent study by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry has evaluated the current implementation of the common visa provisions in the Schengen area from the tourism/ industry travellers’ viewpoint. The study has focused on travellers to the Schengen area from six target markets: China, India, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Ukraine. Together, travellers from these six markets comprised almost two thirds of the visa travellers to the Schengen area in 2012, adding up to, in total, 9.3 million visitors from the target markets.

The findings show that, by removing the requirement to meet in person and by simplifying requirementsfor supporting documents, an increase in trips to the Schengen area of between 30 % and 60 % could be expected, thus leading to a total of 13 to 14 million travellers.

Over 5 years, this could mean as much as between €120 and 130 billion in total direct spending, translating into between 1.2 and 1.3 million jobs in tourism and related sectors.

Source: European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry


Sustainable Tourism in Mexico, the Totonal Crowfunding project

Totonal is a responsible tour operator in southern Mexico that supports fair trade practices by designing, operating and selling unique, cultural eco-tourism experiences, collaborating hand-in-hand with local community initiatives. Its aim is to make sure that the cultural and natural heritage is preserved so generations are able to enjoy them.

Totonal is asking for support to participate in the Agora Partnerships Accelerator program with the establishment of a crowdfunding project aimed at raising $4,500 USD. By making a donation, they will integrate to their fair-trade chain 15 new rural cooperatives, increase by 35% the income of these cooperatives through a fair payment for their services, promote the conservation of the cultural heritage of  indigenous communities, consolidate responsible tourism platforms in rural areas of Mexico.

To view the campaign, learn more about Totonal, and donate, click here

If you are interested, please contact :

Marisol Herrera :

Susana Conde :

Website :

To make a donation :

Enhancing the competitiveness of tourism in the EU – An evaluation of 20 cases of innovation and good practice

The report presents 20 cases of good practice, broadly illustrating one of 4 major themes : extending the season and diversifying the supply of tourist services ; training, skills development and building capacity ; developing the use of ICT ; marketing and promotion

Best practices include the following projects :   Integrated National Tourism Plan 2012-2015 (PNIT) – Spain, Open All Year’ strategy- UK Wales , Discover Croatia , I briganti di Cerreto-Italy.

Funding opportunities

MED  programme

Maritime Approach

Deadline January 10th 2014

Useful link

PROGRESS programme

Delivering on skills for jobs and growth

Deadline January 15th ,2014

Useful link 

Creative Europe (2014-2020)  The first calls are now online :

European cooperation projects, Deadline : March 5th 2014

Literary translation projects, Deadline : March 12th 2014

European platforms, Deadline: March 19th 2014

European networks, Deadline:  March 19th 2014

See all calls from the European Commssion DG Culture

Calls for proposals : IPA Cross Border Programme between Montenegro-Kosovo 2011-2013

Deadline March 25th , 2014

Useful link

Erasmus +

Deadline:  all year 2014, depending on the project

Erasmus + overview

Calls for proposals


WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Awards

Click here to see the winners and finalists of the 2013 announced during the 13th Global Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Goldstar Award Green Tourism 2013

Click here to see the shortlisted businesses

EDEN European Destination for Excellence Awards 2013

19 destinations in Europe for accessible tourism and long-term sustainable actions, check all the winners here

Champions of the Earth

UN's flagship Environmental Award

check the winners here

Finalist of the UNWTO Ulysses Awards for Innovation in Tourism

The final winners will be announced during the UNWTO Awards Ceremony on January 22 nd 2014

To register, please click here

Creativity Award 2013 , Italy

Deadline for project submission: February 27th, 2014

Proposals should be submitted no later than Thursday, February 27th, 2014 at noon, to

On our bookshelf

Progress in Responsible Tourism

The International Centre for Responsible Tourism launched a new biannual publication which chronicles and debates progress in Responsible Tourism.

In Volume 2- September 2013- a wide array of  papers are presented, ranging from academic topics on the role of social entrepreneurship in Tourism curricula to practictioner papers on responsible tourism and local government in South Africa, Green business scheme, working conditions in the tourism industry. The publication also includes a paper on Project Management for Sustainable Tourism Development, by Xavier Font and Silvia Barbone, focusing on one aspect of improving project success, the professionalisation of sustainable project management, through the presentation and explanation of the metholodogy PM4SD for sustainable development.

To read the full publication, click here

Sustainable Tourism Governance and Management in Coastal Areas of Africa


Sustainable Tourism Governance and Management in Coastal Areas of Africa presents the results of  the research carried out within the framework of the COAST project. It builds on the UNWTO and  UNEP publication Making Tourism More Sustainable – A Guide for Policy Makers, by assessing how  to apply sustainability principles and policy instruments for coastal tourism development in Africa. Detailed recommendations are provided to strengthen governance and management to ensure that  tourism serves as a positive force in coastal areas, helping to conserve environments and biodiversity,  minimising environmental impact and contributing to the wellbeing of local communities.

To check the full text, click here

The European Tourism Agenda

January 22nd -23rd 2014, UNWTO Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation 

January 24th 2014 FITUR 2014- 6th Edition of Responsible Tourism Day, «El Turismo Responsable también es negocio, hablemos con los comercializadores» organised by  Centro Español de Turismo Responsable and AEPT- Asociación Española de Profesionales del Turismo . For more news, please check the FITUR main portal

January 30th 2014, Sustainable development of the blue economy of the Black Sea, Bucharest-Romania, organised by European Commission DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and European Commission DG Development and Cooperation EuropeAid, and hosted by Romania

February 23rd-24th 2014, International Symposium for Sustainable Tourism , organised by the Moroccan National Tourism office & Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

March 5th-9th 2014 ITB Berlin, the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show, organised by ITB Berlin

July 1st- July 3rd 2014, Leadership and Management in Sustainable Tourism, European Summer School, II edition organised  by FEST Registration here

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