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Tourism Around Europe
Jlag Newsletter ISSUE N. 3 Friday 16 March 2012
A conversation with...
Tourism Observatory
Funding opportunities
The European Tourism Agenda

Welcome to the third issue of « Tourism Around Europe » - a quarterly newsletter for competitive tourism in Europe. Our aim is to disseminate European tourism policies and practices. We wish to encourage the exchange of knowledge regarding European tourism themes, actions and challenges. Each issue includes a conversation with influential leaders and thinkers within the sector.
We are very proud to launch the third issue of Jlag’s newsletter with a conversation with Mr. Gérard Ruiz, the President of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, which includes 84 partners in total located in 46 countries on 5 continents including 29 in emerging and developing countries.
We have selected the most relevant policies, researches, projects, events, funding opportunities. Since the beginning of the year Europe is giving new impetus to the tourism sector. The European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism has been drafted, the European Tourism Quality Label is under discussion with stakeholders, the call “European destination of excellence” (EDEN) has been launched with the theme “Accessible tourism”. These are some of the actions which define the European road to RIO+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development which will take place in Brazil on 20-22 June 2012 to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), in Rio de Janeiro, and the 10th anniversary of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg.

We wish to invite you to send us any news you may think is relevant to the EU tourism debate and we wish to invite you to visit our blog, the next “Tourism Around Europe” newsletter will be issued in June.

Silvia Barbone
Jlag Managing Director

A conversation with...

Gérard Ruiz, the President of the 'Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism' 

On the occasion of the Second Annual Conference of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, a task force promoted by UNEP with the mission to transform tourism around the world by making it more sustainable, Jlag has interviewed the President: Mr Gérard Ruiz.
Mr. Ruiz focuses on the major achievements reached so far, the priorities and challenges for 2012-13, the role of the Global Partnership in relation to the RIO+20 Conference.
He explores three main concepts: the role of young generations in supporting sustainable tourism; the importance of planning and management to achieve sustainable tourism and the key role played by local communities for the development of destinations.
The interview was realized before the Conference, hosted in Seoul by the Ministry of the Environment, Republic of Korea, from the 12th to the 14th March 2012. The results of the conference will be posted on our Blog.

full interview...

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Tourism Observatory

European Charter for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism – Public Consultation of Stakeholders

In the framework of the 2010 Commission Communication on tourism COM(2010)352, the European Commission (EC) has announced the intention to propose a charter for sustainable and responsible tourism. The purpose of the Charter is to encourage sustainable and responsible tourism policies and actions across Europe, by providing a common reference point for all stakeholders in tourism. The Commission has elaborated the first draft of the text. The EC intention now is to consult public and private tourism stakeholders at a larger scale on the draft text of the Charter in order to collect their views and ideas on the text itself as well as on the best ways for its adoption, implementation and monitoring. The stakeholders consultation is open till 20 April 2012.

European Tourism Quality Label

The European Commission has recently discussed with stakeholders the possible options for the future implementation of the European Tourism Quality (ETQ) Label. The future Label aims to increase consumer security and confidence in tourism products and reward efforts by tourism professionals to guarantee quality of tourism service. Regarding the organizational framework of the ETQ Label, the majority of stakeholders was in favour of a Full European Coordination with the recognition of all types of quality systems (national, sub-national, regional, private, transnational). Concerning the legal instrument to be adopted to establish the Label, the EC proposed a Regulation but stakeholders expressed their concerns on its flexibility and effectiveness. The adoption of the Label by the College is foreseen by the end of 2012.

Tourism to boost European economy in 2012

Eurobarometer has published a survey on the attitudes of Europeans towards tourism. The results show that 72% of EU citizens travelled in 2011, and more than 80% said that they would do so in 2012, choosing to go either on short trips or longer holidays. In 2011 more citizens chose to stay in Europe for their holidays and many more have said they will do so in 2012. The survey allows both the Commission and its stakeholders to react to changes in tourism demand, and is an important instrument for tourism policy-making as well as for tourism industry planning, in particular as regards the types of tourism and the main tourism destinations.

Tourism in the marine environment

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has published the report “Green Economy in a Blue World”. The publication analyzes how key sectors that are interlinked  with the marine and coastal environment – the blue world – can make the transition towards a Green Economy. The report includes a section on the impact and the opportunities of coastal tourism in terms of local development and poverty alleviation. The publication highlights that tourism relying on clean beaches, safe water and abundant marine wildlife provides many ocean communities with jobs, income and foreign exchange.

Establishment of the Global National Tourism Organisations Think Thank

In the framework of the ITB Travel Trade Show in Berlin, UNWTO and the European Travel Commission (ETC) signed an agreement to enhance their cooperation in addressing major issues in the tourism sector. One of the major initiatives under the new agreement is the establishment of the Global National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) Think Tank. The Think Tank will provide a forum for the heads of national tourism bodies from all world regions to identify and collaborate on issues of shared interest, from changing market conditions and trends to new technologies and consumer rights. It will further allow NTOs to speak with one voice on issues of common concern, namely travel facilitation.


Astro-tourism: discover the first Starlight Tourism Destination 

The Alqueva Dark Sky® Reserve is a programme developed by a public-private partnership coordinated by Genuineland® with the objective of implementing the Agenda for a Sustainable and Competitive European Tourism in the Alqueva Destination, Portugal. This programme and its innovative strategy is the tool for testing a new model of Destination Management Organization with the focus in an enlarged field partnership, where the public and private organizations at different levels including the communities are involved and have direct participation in the destination development.

The Alqueva Dark Sky® Reserve allows the differentiation of this destination through the astro-tourism and the fruition of the night landscapes with activities like bird watching, walks, horse riding, orientation, canoeing, and others, all under a dark sky full of stars. Since last January the Alqueva Dark Sky® Reserve is a Starlight Tourism Destination, the first of the world to obtain this certification granted by UNWTO, UNESCO and IAC. This certification guarantees the quality of the sky and the tourism services and resources in the destination.

For more information, email to:

Social tourism: implementation of the Calypso Web platform

The International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) and its partners have been chosen by the European Commission to promote social tourism in Europe through the development of a Calypso Web platform matching supply with demand. This decision follows a call for proposals launched last August by the Commission within the Calypso preparatory action. This 1,014,525€ project with 75% EC funding mainly aims at facilitating trans-national tourism exchanges by matching supply with demand, allowing Calypso’s target groups – youths, families facing difficulties, seniors and people with disabilities – to go on holiday particularly during the low season. The platform will also serve as a support to ensure the continuation of on-going Calypso pilot projects, it will take into account the principles of sustainability and accessibility that are applied to tourism centres and it will implement a dynamic presentation tool of school holiday calendars in European countries.

For more information, email to: Charlotte Hermans

Funding opportunities

European Destinations of Excellence  - Accessible Tourism
Call for proposals
DG Enterprise and Industry
Deadline is 30/04/2012

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
Call for proposals
DG Enterprise and Industry
Deadline is 31/05/2012

European Creative Districts
Call for proposals
DG Enterprise and Industry
Deadline is 04/05/2012

EC Implementation Rolling Plan of the Communication on Tourism 2010
The Rolling Plan developed by the European Commission for the implementation of the 2010 Commission Communication on tourism COM (2010)352 has been updated

LIFE + Call for proposals 2012
DG Environment
Deadline is 26/09/2012

Rural Development - Increasing Competitiveness, Diversification and Sustainability
Call for proposals
Geographical zone: Cyprus
Deadline is 23/04/2012

Greece-the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013
Call for proposals
Geographical zone: Greece, FYROM
Deadline is 16/05/2012

Marketing and Communications Campaign for the 'Authentic Caribbean Rum' Marque in European and North American markets
Geographical zone: Caribbean region
Extimated date of publicaton: April 2012

HERA Joint Research Programme 2012 "Cultural Encounters"
Call for proposals
HERA - Humanities in the European Research Area 
Deadline is 04/05/2012

The European Tourism Agenda
  • 22-23 March 2012 5th European Summit of Regions and Cities 'The European urban fabric in the 21st century', Copenhagen (Denmark) - Organized by the Committee of the Regions - go to the web page
  • 11-12 April 2012 7th Snow and Mountain Tourism World Congress, La Massana (Andorra) - Organized by UNWTO -  go to the web page
  • 16-17 April 2012 The future of Mediterranean Tourism (6th International Conference on Destination Management), Djerba (Tunisia) - Organized by UNWTO and the Ministry of Tourism of Tunisia - go to the web page
  • 18-20 April 2012 Performance Measurement and Management in Tourism, Bilbao (Spain) - Organized by the Chapter Europe of the Travel and Tourism Research Association -  go to the web page
  • 20 April 2012 Towards Inclusive & Sustainable Growth & Development: How can the tourism sector contribute?, Doha (Qatar) - Organized by UNCTAD and the UN Steering Committee on Tourism for Development - go to the web page
  • 26 April 2012 11th FEMIP Conference "Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean", Amman (Jordan) - Organized by the European Investment Bank and the Jordan Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities - go to the web page
  • 26-27 April 2012 Second UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media 'Partnering with the Media in Challenging Times', Mar Salam (Egypt) - go to the web page
  • 3 May 2012 UNWTO High-level Regional Conference on Green Tourism, Chiang Mai (Thailand) - go to the web page
  • 22-25 May 2012 Green Week Conference 2012: Every Drop Counts - The Water Challenge, Brussels (Belgium) - Organized by European Commission - go to the web page
  • 06-10 June 2012 Carrefours d'Europe, Pavia (Italy) - First annual fair on cultural routes organized by the European Commission - go to the web page
  • 20-22 June 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) - go to the web page


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